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voguepurge said: your photos are perfection

wow thank you!!!

maehew said: How do you get such strange colors in your photos (like your amazing Louise Gray ones) ?? Do you simply stretch and bend them in PS or is it done in printing? Your work is very inspiring - you've got quite the vision.

hey, I use available light, the louise grey pics, the model was standing by a radiator, I used the red light coming from it, sometimes when processing I expose the film with light to get light leak affects xxx

seeingacameravomit said: I cant tell you how much your imagery excites me!! Ever since I saw your spreads in Pigeons & Peacocks, I have been hooked!! You are so inspiring and cause my eyes to pop out of my face and see stars and I want you to know you are so amazing and to keep doing what you do. Absolutely in love with your work. Much much love from Seattle!! xo Carmen

wow best msg ever!!! thank so much Carmen, you made my day! loads of love xxx

musiciansingirdles said: 1. You create some incredible photography, and 2. You share my name!

ahh cool!!! thank you saga :) xx

minniemousebuiltthishouse said: wow, your work fascinates me. i appreciate your dedication immensely. I hope you don't mind me asking what light techniques you use to capture the vibrancy & motion of your subjects? Best O

thank you O, I use natural light or flash (contax g2 / yashica t4) :) xx

rebelling-against-god-deactivat said: i absolutley love your photos and your blog is amazing. your pictures are the inpspiration for my art coursework, it's truely awesome.

thank you so much!!! xxx

neudewave said: Wow, your blog is beautiful! And you're an amazing photographer. xx

thank you so much! xxx

scarletjewnicorn said: i am in LOVE with your stuff!

thank you!!! xxx

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